Hi, I’m Kailie!

Hi! I am Kailie, a freelance e-designer, artist, mom, wife, and an at home DIYer.  I like to always find things to make, whether its art, building a furniture piece, cooking, or just re-purposing something I already have.  Anything can be updated, changed, moved, or modified to give it an entirely new look or meaning—and that is what really sparks my creativity.IMG_6101

Ever since I was little, I’ve kept myself busy creatively.  My mom can attest to the hundreds of times I wanted to repaint my room, moved my furniture around, moved her furniture around in the house, hung things up on the walls, took things down from the walls, etc.  Change in my living space was really a reflection of my mood and feeling at the time, and really was a great outlet for me.  Little things like that always made me feel accomplished and satisfied.

I have been an artist (specifically a painter) my entire life.  I have delved into hyperrealism, landscapes, abstractions, surrealism but find my style tends to go back to pop art in style, not in theory.  Bold lines, clean edges, flat surfaces, one sided dimension. I guess you could say pop-minimalism? I love the look of clean lines, my OCD is for sure to blame for that, but that I think is what makes my art specific to my style and specific to me—which makes it special. 

After graduating college as an art history major, working a 9-5 corporate office job, I did not want to lose a part of me that I have always had, but I found it hard to justify making art without purpose for other people.  I began making custom pet portraits in my free time for family, then started getting requests to make them for friends, then friends of friends, and so on, which sparked my Petrait (pet portrait) business—KPalmArt!  I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to share my art and have it hang all over the country in family homes to recognize their furry loved ones. That in itself has made me motivated to keep creating and to keep going as an artist.

One day, after being not so happy at my corporate office job, I decided to make a change and to pursue my passions.  I quit that 9-5, left all my stability, and began working for a local design firm only one day a week to get my foot in the door. I continued painting petraits to make ends meet.  A year later, that one day a week turned into mostly full time days, working on projects, learning everything there was to know about the interior design industry-fabrics, vendors, resources, materials, space planning, client interactions, really ALL THINGS INTERIOR DESIGN.  I even got a new job with another design firm, really a dream situation.  But then, I got pregnant.


28077392_UnknownSo let me backtrack a little…

I met my husband through mutual friends, at go figure- a local bar, and as cheesy as it is, it was love at first sight.  He decided (probably a little more quickly that I did at the time) that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.  Everything always came so easy and natural to us and it just well, worked.  We are both LA natives and are total opposites in most senses of the word.  He’s extroverted, I’m introverted, he is analytical, I’m artistic but one major thing we have is balance.  We really balance each other out.  That saying that opposites attract I think really has validity.

Another thing that ties us together is the fact that we like spending most of our time together doing new things, doing nothing, doing anything really, and when we set goals as a family, we make sure to follow them through. Whether it is re-arranging our furniture for the 50 millionth time, moving out of state, changing careers, starting a family, building a new table or making homemade raviolis, we make sure when we start something, that we will finish it.  Life’s too short not to, right?

So back to being pregnant.  About a month before I discovered I was pregnant, I started working for another interior design firm, a new fresh firm, really a dream environment to be working in.  My boss was a mother of two herself, so completely understood and was willing to make it work with me.  I waddled around doing client installations up until 2 weeks before I delivered, and learned so much during that time not only about design, but about myself.  I had hyperemesis gravidarum when I was pregnant, literally had morning, day, night sickness the ENTIRE TIME.  I managed to run around, go to meetings, and keep at it even though it was so hard at times.  Women are strong human beings!

Come October and BAM I’m a mom, we are parents.  Nothing could have prepared us for the overwhelming feeling of love we have for our baby, and the new found respect we have for each other now as parents.  You really see your partner in a new light once you become parents, and I have never loved my husband more. As the new parent thing began to settle, I realized I needed to get back on my grind again.  I started painting my petraits, working from home freelancing with my former employer, and then decided I wanted more.  I decided to take the leap and start what has now turned into Revive West Designs. 



Revive West Designs is a space which provides creativity and inspiration for others, offers E-Design services (coming soon), as well as fun DIY projects that can be done with family.  I will be featuring creative and simple ways to update your home affordably, venting about the rewards and struggles of motherhood, and sharing fun home inspiration! I hope you enjoy what I am doing here, and hope I can inspire you do pursue your passions!

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