Nursery Tour

Since before my son was born, I had a good idea of how I wanted his nursery to look.  I have never been into super cliche “boy” or “girl” kid decor, so I wanted to create something that was neutral enough for both genders.  I decided to focus on black and white, natural wood tones, and minimal clean lines, with pops of color here and there.  If we were to have a girl in the future, we could re-use most of the items we already have.  All I would want to switch out to make it her own individual space would be the mobile, and painting which I made myself when I was pregnant!


For nursery storage, I utilized vintage luggage from my grandparents, baskets, and milk crates I purchased from Joanns Fabric.  Most of the decor is found goods and art collected through the years, mostly from  Our biggest hit seems to be our Eat Poop Sleep blanket from Calhoun and Co. and the desert mobile I made while on bedrest.

I guess the biggest take away from this is, you really do not need much to make a big statement for a space.  Little details can make a big difference and the key is adding items that mean a lot to you in order to make a the most comfortable personal space possible.


Would you be interested in a mobile DIY tutorial? Comment below and let me know what you think!

Want this look?

  1. Sheet
  2. Rocking Chair
  3. Dresser
  4. Sheepskin
  5. Sign
  6. Changing Pad Cover
  7. Crib
  8. Rug
  9. Name Step Stool
  10. Milk Crates
  11. Crib Bedskirt
  12. Blanket

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