I don’t know about most stay at home moms, but I know this stay at home mom cannot WAIT for Fridays to come any sooner.  My husband is home from work for the weekend so Fridays are my time to finally have a moment to myself and not think about all things baby.  I think it is really healthy and good for SAHM’s or any parent to have some time to reboot, reflect and just be alone to recharge.  I think many people underestimate the power of even one hour of alone time.

I had a pretty traumatizing pregnancy dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum along with an undiagnosed thyroid autoimmune disorder (graves disease).  I had dealt with graves disease in the past, but it went into remission for almost 10 years.  Pregnancy does a lot to your body and it is common for it to trigger old and new illnesses in women.  I began losing even more weight from the graves disease after my son was born, had crazy hormonal mood swings, happy one moment to crying hysterically the next, suffered from major insomnia, and heart palpitations to the point where I ended up in the ER.  Most people with graves disease refer to crazy hyperthyroid side effect episodes as “thyroid storms” which don’t happen often, but when they do can be really bad.


I finally decided to get treatment for my thyroid when my son was around 5 months old.  I couldn’t take feeling so physically and emotionally horrible anymore.  I was done.  I was required to start on a medication that forced me to stop breastfeeding which made me sad, like REALLY sad.  Was my baby going to lose his connection to me as his mother? Was I going to feel detached from my son?  Was he ready to stop or would he feel

abandoned?  I felt like I was failing my child and that it was my fault I could no longer do the one thing that only I could do with my son.  I didn’t think it would fill me with so much sadness, but it did and it took me a while to see the deeper signs–or at least admit– what was going on.

I was diagnosed with post-partum after months of avoiding it.  I tend to wait until I’m at my absolute limit before I do something to help myself mentally, and physical

ly.  I always say in my mind “I can handle it, everything that is happening is normal, stop being dramatic”.   A LOT of women suffer from post-partum but many are afraid to talk about it.  I had a feeling I was suffering from it, but did not want to admit or see the signs until my son was almost 8 months old

Being a mom is HARD.  Being a parent is HARD.  But let me tell you admitting that it is hard is okay!  If you start feeling signs of this just know you are not alone, there are resources to get you through and you are not failing as a parent because you are struggling–mentally or physically.

Just remember, I try to remind myself, that just because you are a parent does not mean have to stop being you.  Take some time for yourself, listen to your body and mind, and know that you are doing great!




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