New House, Who Dis?

So my husband and I recently relocated our family across the country from Ventura, California all the way to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Our move afforded us the opportunity to finally fulfill one of our many goals- homeownership.  We had many ups and downs during the process, moved from a corporate housing apartment to a temporary apartment into finally our new home all within 3 months.  With two dogs, a baby, and most of our belongings in storage, let’s just say it was a very hectic few months.

Being in our new home, we have faced the many challenges all home owners warn you about.  There are surprise expenses, compromises, and a ton of patience needed in owning a home which we have come to terms with.

Our surprise expenses (fingers crossed) have been fixes we could tackle ourselves like replacing the garbage disposal, trimming trees, ripping out old fencing, that sort of thing.  The compromises and patience have been the hardest thing to adjust to, but we constantly have to remind ourselves that things will not happen overnight and we will need to be patient to really make the big updates we want in the future.

For now though, we have been able to do easy DIYS to make pretty big changes in our home so far- primarily with paint, light fixtures, and a few days of our time.  These simple changes have made the hugest difference in our space and have allowed us to be way more comfortable and feel more at home in OUR home.

Our biggest change so far has been in our kitchen.  We opted to paint the kitchen cabinets ourselves using chalk paint and a wax sealant.  The chalk paint was a great alternative to regular cabinet paint because there is no pre-sanding required and it gave us the matte finish we were looking for.  We decided to do white uppers and dark grey/blue lowers to contrast the space a bit.  The floors were not selected by us, and frankly not at all what I would like to have long term, however refinishing the cabinets definitely have made them a little less bothersome to me! Until I get my dream white french oak flooring, the paint changes have seemed to improve the overall look of the space in the meantime :).  Look below for the before and after to see what I mean!


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 4.05.35 PM

After!!IMG_7927 2

Curious to know the paint colors we used or would like to get this look? Let me know in the comments below!

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