It’s a new year…and?

I may be different among the pack, but I don’t like setting new year resolutions.  I think every day in general should be a day to better yourself, set goals, and improve something in your life.  I almost think setting a big goal for the ENTIRE YEAR puts on a lot of pressure, and a decent amount of disappointment if the said goal doesn’t go as planned.  Let’s be real, why does a “new year” need to be the excuse for finally getting your shit together? I find a more realistic approach for me is setting an intention each day I wake up, and to be happy for what I did achieve.

Being a stay at home mom, the day seems to pass by very fast. Often times I feel as if I did absolutely nothing all day but find myself exhausted by the time my husband comes home.   It is easy to lose track of what things I’ve accomplished during the day when I’m constantly pulled in different directions, not to mention working all day without having those dollar signs to show for it –which I feel many SAHM’s can relate to.

Here are some of my daily intentions that I try to put into action as much as I can:

  • Make a list of what you would like to accomplish for the day, follow through with what you can, don’t beat yourself up for what you don’t end up doing
    • Rome wasn’t built in a day, things CAN wait until tomorrow
  • Make a list of what you DID do during the day
    • This can seem pretty basic, but really try consolidating what you did do during the day, anything from changing/feeding the baby, paying bills, going to the grocery store, doing a load of laundry- these are all work
  • Be present
    • Turn off the phone, turn off the TV, simple enough right?
  • Make time to decompress
    • Any alone time is time to settle the mind, which every human needs

I think most people find it easier to look at the negativity in their lives because that stands out from the normal stuff that happens everyday.  Take pride in the everyday stuff.  Those are the little feats, and are the little goals that you DO accomplish. These are things to be proud of and sometimes it takes a simple reminder, a silly list that can make you much more grateful for your day, for yourself, and for your life.

screen shot 2019-01-03 at 4.01.55 pm




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